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Having been tagged by dandelion_diva, here's my contribution to the Letter Meme.

My letter being "E", I submit the following:

Edward Gorey - I have enjoyed his work for many a year, ever since I saw The Gashlycrumb Tinies on a poster in my senior year high school English class. His evil wit and black humour have delighted me many a year. "E is for Ernest, who choked on a peach."

Ebooks - I absolutely love them. I get mine from the The Baen Free Library and Project Gutenberg". I tend to be ecstatic when authors release one or more of their works as a free ebook. It helps me decide whether or not I want to buy their work, and it lets me keep a library in my pocket.

Expletives - They're awful ?&%*-ing fun aren't they?

Erotica - I read smut and I vote!

Explosions - It is to my sorrow that I currently do not own land upon which I can set off splodey-type things, especially at 4 July. My favourite is sparkler bombs, wherein you take about 250-500 sparklers and wire them all together in a lump. You have to leave one sticking up as a wick, and then you take pliers and bend all the metal stems to the side to provide a nice solid base. Then you put them on a large concrete brick upon a well soaked ground, and light the sucker up. It makes a lovely FWOOOOOSH and the flame it makes is white hot. it gets so hot, in fact, that throwing water on it won't put it out. It'll just burn hotter because the heat will break down the water into it's respective atoms of oxygen and hydrogen. It's a lovely thing to see!

Easy - Things that are important are rarely easy.

Embraces - Want lots of 'em! I'm a big huggle-slut I am.

Equations - I find myself thinking about getting a math textbook and seeing if I can figure out how Quadratic Equations work again. I don't want anyone *telling* me, mind you. I want to do it for myself.

Errors - And once I find that math textbook, I know I'll commit many of these trying to figure it out. And then I'll stick with it until I've had Enough.



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Nov. 27th, 2006 06:08 am (UTC)
I have mini EDward Gorey library including his little paper doll theatre of Dracula.
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