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Wherein I discuss my weekend

Oh. So that's what Randy Millholland was talking about. I was gone all weekend and completely missed it.

Yes, Gentle Readers, I took the first holiday weekend of the year and ran back to Roanoke and be with my Grandmommy Chainsaw. [gryn] When Momma called her to tell her I was coming she said "But she was just here, wasn't she?" and was thoroughly delighted to hear that I was coming back, "I'll be here with bells on!" She's not doing any worse than when I saw her over the holidays, which is a good thing. She did tell me that her corneal implant is giving her some troubles and she'll have to have eye surgery to replace it, and I realised that her mobility problems led directly from amputation of some toes after some severe circulation problems. I had known about this when it occured, but for some reason I hadn't connected the two. She very cheerfully popped off her slipper and showed her foot to me stating "You heard I lost some things, right?" and I chuckled and allowed that I had known that. So she gets around very slowly and hangs onto things for balance. getting up the stairs requires a half crawl, hanging onto each step. I ran around doing things for her: I took her floor polishing machine back up to the storage room upstairs, and I went up into the crawlspace attic with a flashlight looking for something she thought she left up there. And I did the dishes. She tried to stop me, but I stated simply "Grandma, I want to." And I sorely wished I lived back in Roanoke so I could stop in at least once a week to do for her. If I had had any sense, I'd have asked her what time church was so I could take her yesterday. Or remembered to buy her a new dish drying rack to replace the one that is so old and grody it looks like a health hazard. I wanted the time to put some Drano in her drains after I pulled out a wad of gunk out of the kitchen sink. And I wanted to buy her three new pots to replace the ones that have missing handles [sigh]. I simply don't have the opportunity to much of that. My dad does what he can, but he's a working man, and recently came off disability himself for some kind of syndrome whose name I can't remember that causes horrible painful muscle spasms in his legs. He was off work for a year because he couldn't walk.

I found myself wanting to turn into Whirlwind Woman, setting all things in the house to rights. The desire was so strong that I had to rein myself back because I didn't want to turn into the person who overwhelms older folk by completely taking over and repeating in a loud voice "OH, YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS, MRS. BARLOW. THIS'LL MAKE THINGS MUUUUUCH EASIER FOR YOU, DON'T YOU THINK, MRS. BARLOW?" [shakes head]. The one thing I do not want to do is anything that will make her feel that she's losing power over her own life and her own decisions. That woman has done so much for me for so many years, keeping me in touch with my father after he left Momma and was so bitter, that it would be a horrible disservice for me to do that to her.

So I spent the better part of 5 hours there with Grandmommy and Dad & his gf Anne and we had great conversation. And grandmommy fell asleep on the couch beside me during the conversation, with her tongue stuck out like a cat in bliss and looking so adorable.

The rest of the visit was as lovely. Momma & Gerri & I went to Parker's Seafood where I had the ginormous broiled seafood platter (which I had been mad-feeming for for simply ages.) And I bought meself a tie-dyed Parkers Seafood tee-shirt. I mean, anyone can buy a Dirty Dicks Seafood & Bar teeshirt in any beach shop in the world, but you can only get a Parker's Seafood teeshirt in Roanoke! got quality time with the kitties, and all three of us watched the Golden Globe awards and made cynical comments about the clothes and the silly speeches. Momma found Moulin Rouge on the Superstation(or something) about 3/4 of the way through but I simply couldn't bear it. I've never seen it and never want to. I might have been able to deal with the corniness and over-the-top goofiness, but shoehorning in modern pop songs into a piece set in the late 1800s is horrifying. Seeing Jim Broadbent singing Like a Virgin in a falsetto with a tablecloth wrapped around his head made me want to dig my eyes out with pencils. I told momma I was sorry but I couldn't stand it anymore and she made a face at me. "Dammit, Gerri doesn't want to see Blood&Guts Sci Fi, and you don't want to see Moulin Rouge...I really get fucked when it comes to television around y'all." I helpfully did not point out to her that she only has to deal with television around me a few times a year. I made my customary stop at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op (and the Mick-Or-Mack is still open at Grandin, josette!) and picked up some wasabi peas, soy nuts, pine nuts and rice crackers for trail mix for the road, and some turkey jerky for same. I find that eating crunchy or hard to chew things sharpens the mind wonderfully during long drives, and helps keep the road hypnosis at bay. I did leave one of my boxes of Numi tea at home by accident, but Momma will save it for me for when I run back down there in May during Memorial Day Weekend for Festival in the Park.

The drive up was somewhat eventful. I did nearly get run off the road by some fucktard driving an empty rusty flatbed truck who decided to make an unsignaled lane change just as I was FUCKING PASSING HIM! He starts to move, I start to hit the brakes, and honking my horn and nearly hitting the guardrail. Dog-fucker never paused, or gave any sign that he knew I was there, and I damn sure could see his fucking mirrors. and the horse-fucked asshole kept bouncing back and forth between the lanes never once fucking using his turn signals!. Idiocy, especially when it started getting quite congested because of roadwork along I-81 at Lexington. I got tired of that shit, so I quickly got off onto Route 11 and didn't get back onto 81 until after Staunton. Rest of the drive was A-OK. got home, and got in some quality schnoogle time with J.

All things considered, a very good weekend.


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Jan. 18th, 2005 10:41 am (UTC)
I liked Moulin Rouge. Not his best work, but what can you do after Strictly Ballroom? Other than retire.
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