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Remarkably low stress. most of my shopping is done except for three people and a bunch of cards. I haven't wrapped a thing and that's ok. My tree is trimmed. the chocker chip cookie dough I bought intending to bake didn't get baked because J didn't want cookies last night. So they'll be baked tonight. I've got reservations for the hotel back in Roanoke and I'm heavily anticipating seeing all my family this christmas. It'll be the first christmas I've spent with them since I moved out to be with J. Not his fault, the fault of his asshole employers who made it so he couldnt enough time off for xmas to come home with me.

On a sad note, my paternal grandmother is going downhill, mentally. For those of you who met her, I'm talking about Grandma Chainsaw, thusly named because she asked for one one xmas a long time ago and used it. She's always been a very practical woman who got things done, for all that she's shorter than I am (5'1" i think)and a tiny little thing. She's in her 80's and I thought she'd go forever. She owns several acres on the side of Mill Mountain with a Rome apple orchard (what she needed the chainsaw for). She always made the best apple sauce every year, so smooth and tangy. a hundred notches above anything you can buy in a store. She always made me blueberry pancakes from scratch using whipped egg whites to make 'em fluffy. We'd play Skip-Bo for hours because she loved it.

But now her mind is slowly sinking into that fog that old-age brings. My mother called me last night to say I needed to call Grandma because Grandma was trying to call me and kept trying to dial 10-10-220 and my number and failing. Momma told her my phone number again, and had to repeat it four times because she kept getting it wrong. When I spoke with her to tell her we would see her on Sunday, she said "Oh, okay. we'll see you on christmas day." "No no, Grandma, Christmas is on saturday this year. we'll see you the day after christmas, on Sunday" "Oh. Okay, Christmas Day." and round and round.

Thank god, she's being pro-active about this. She's stopped driving, and has started collecting literature about local assisted living groups. One of them, Friendship Manor, sounds particularly good, from my other grandmother who spend a few days there in rehab after a hip replacement. Bright, cheerful; you dictate your level of assistance, and there's always something going on to get the folks out and about and doing stuff. I'm so pleased that assisted living has come a long way away from dody old folks sitting around staring at a television. That image of my grandmother horrifies me. But Grandma's going to be very practical about this and do things her way as much as she possibly can. I intend to run back to Roanoke as much as possible to see her, so all the major holiday weekends next year are hereby off the schedule. I'm already thinking about how much its going to hurt when she goes.


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Dec. 21st, 2004 05:26 pm (UTC)
sorry darlin
I'll be in Roanoke the weekend of Christmas thru the Tuesday after and if you are there as well, I'd love to see you guys!
Dec. 23rd, 2004 02:00 am (UTC)
I'll be ok. Things are still very positive. I'm just finding myself having to consider things I never thought I'd have to.

I'd like to make the time to see you guys. It's going to be a whirlwind tour for us: Arrive thursday eve, go to one relative xmas eve, go to another relative xmas day, see a third set of relatives sunday morning. Now that I think of it, Momma's throwing a small party with us and some of her friends on Sunday Night. You'd be welcome to come then, you and The Warden and the kidlings. Momma was just telling me what cute little boys you have. My cell is 571 247 5596, and I'll have it beginning tomorrow and it will remain on all weekend. I'd love to see you guys, too! [hugs]
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