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With the foo-foo-raw going on about HaliCaliFaxicon, I remembered that I haven't posted to LJ in a dog's age. so I've put the LJ app on my Droid so maybe I can remember to get caught up & stuff. We'll see how it goes. I've cleaned up some things a bit. We'll see.

Wherein I become a DJ

I'm now an occasional DJ over at Turntable.fm. If you want to check me out, you can find me in this room. No set schedule. Mostly when I'm in there and I'm in the mood. If i'm not there, I'm over in the Dubstep channel, except I don't really know any dubstep, so I don't DJ there.

It's been really cool to show off my trance collection. I don't find a lot of ppl who are into it. Yay!

Spoiler Rory F'n Williams, BAMF

I've got Rory on my mind...well, when *haven't* I got Rory on my mind?

Spoilers for "Let's Kill Hitler"

No Spoilar fa you!Collapse )



CosmopoliteA, originally uploaded by lizzibabe.

Oh, and I finished the piece I was working on earlier for the MrXStitch swap

I got to sing!

I just had an incredibly wonderful time at a coffeehouse out in Haymarket run by a lovely couple I met on the previous theatre show. They're doing an open Mic night and I was one of the first ppl up doing readings from Neil Gaiman and songs from Loudon Wainwright III.

Turns out there was a guitarist there who also liked Loudon's work and when he and Zac and Charlie on drums and Michael on another drum, and some lovely lady vocalist, and some guy named Terry on bass started jamming, Proprietess Lisa urged me up on stage over my protests that I really didn't know the words. so I harmonized where I didn't know hte words, and the lovely lady left and I stuck around harmonizing with the guys til 11:30pm. I really had fun singing.

and I get to do it again next weekend!

v. tired nao.

also thinking up lists of songs I know the words to so I can find guitar chord books


Work in Progress - Mrs. Cosmopolite

So I'm entered into the current MrXStitch current stitch swap. Theme is books. I'd post this over at Flickr, but my stitchee is also a contact. so I'll keep it over here. The entire bit will say "The Way of Mrs. Cosmopolite, 3 Quirm Way, Ankh-Morpork" and probably one of her "koans". I had pondered using "Eat it all up. It'll make your hair curly." but I suspect space will be an issue. So I may just use "Because."

Broadcast on a podcast!

Episode 20 of Stitching N Junk is here! Tune in to the Lizzibabe Moment at 20.00 minutes.

Really annoyed at a DVD

So I bought "Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows pt1" Blue Ray 3 disc combo pack including the Blu-Ray disc containing the movie, and a standard DVD containing the movie. I intended to give Momma the Blu-Ray discs as she's got a player and then keep the DVD for myself.

I watched the DVD last night and the video quality is for shit. The colors were muddy, nothing was sharp and frankly it gave me a headache. I watched "Avatar" today and I had *none* of those problems. The only conclusion I can reach is that they want to make the DVD look shitty so the Blu-Ray looks better by comparison. If that's true, then they're a bunch of fuckers. I'm still going to give Momma the Blu-Ray disc. But I'm definitely having second thoughts on whether to buy the Blu-Ray combo pack when Part 2 comes out.

I'm going to test this theory by getting the non-Blu-Ray disc off Netflix when Netflix releases it on May 1. We'll see what happens.


Doctor Who - "The Impossible Astronaut"


So guess what? Neil Gaiman's American Gods is nearing it's 10th anniversary and Harper Collins is releasing a plastic fantastic new edition. And Neil Gaiman is giving all us fans a chance to be *in* the audiobook! Neil has put up his contest here and posted a video about it here

Vote for me!

How annoying. I've got a widget to help vote, and I can't get the widget to work. Oh well, Here's the link then.



I managed to hit on a wrapping technique to allow for left-handed/continental knitting! I'm so incredibly pleased! I've zoomed through 10 rows in record time! These mittens are ROCKING along! a little puckered, but i'm not worried about that. They're going to be SO warm come next winter!




I think I broke my brain

I've started a pair of Heather Mittens by Spillyjane. Which means i've started knitting with two colors at once. My first round went excruciatingly slow Warning! Extreme Knitting Minutae and swears!Collapse ) So I decided to learn two-handed fair isle knitting. More MinutaeCollapse ) Holding one color in one hand and another color in the other hand and knitting them each in turn is an efficient method of knitting. but it's *maddening*. Imagine typing or texting. You can already do that with your fingers, right? Imagine learning how to do that with your toes. For several hours. And then imagine typing/texting with both your fingers and your toes on the same keyboard/device at the same time. My brain is broken, my fingers cramped, and I've got a headache. But it's *working*. I can *do* this.


I'm just so full of despair right now

I pay my bills and I don't have enough left over for gas, let alone groceries. I'm *tired* of overdrafts. I thought I could stick it out for four months so I could audition for "The Women" and maybe get cast. I can't do that. I have to get that second job now so I can get caught up and maybe get ahead. I hate this. I hate feeling like this. I hate feeling like a $20 club ticket to see my favorite local band is a spendthrift luxury. this *hurts*.

I'm broadcast on a Podcast!

I've been broadcast on Stitching N Junk, the World's Greatest Stitching Podcast! Jamie AKA Mr. XStitch, and Bridget, AKA Beefranck were kind enough to broadcast my voicemails on Episode 17 of their podcast. They're very funny people and make me laugh. Be aware, this podcast is NSFW due to swears and discussion of obscenity online. This is not my first visit to Stitching N Junk. I made my debut in Episode 9, Stitching N Kamehameha.
So, it's a Sunday and I've been doing teh laundry and ripping Moxy Früvous albums that I had forgotten I owned. I'm starting dinner and trying to decide what I want to watch on Netflix tonight. Dinner is going to be some kind of tomatoey-bean-corn-mess that was hella tasty the last time I made it. I highly doubt I'll be able to make it the same way. I'll likely make it in an entirely different way this time and it'll still be yommy. Hrm...I've got some keilbasa in the freezer. Nah. I can't be arsed to defrost it. I'll save it for the next time.

Yesterday I spent with my friend Chris who cut my hair in King George, VA. Not that he lives in King George, just that he had an appointment to cut/color hair of ppl who live in King George and had forgotten that he had promised me that he'd cut *my* hair. So he killed two burds with one stone (yes I misspelled it. I like it that way.) and we road-tripped down there and it was a lovely day and I got a lovely haircut.
Cut for Lovely Photo!Collapse )

Last weekend was spent with The Moms and I got to show LizziMom the first two episodes of Doctor Who season 5 with Matt Smith. I figure it's a good starting place, and then I can go back and show her season 1 with Eccleston and we can catch up. Driving home was Very Interesting in the Chinese sense of the word when I ran into rain at Harrisonburg (which I expected) but then 25 miles south of Strasburg that rain became sleet (which I did not). I pulled over, called mcmiller, confirmed that the stuff wasn't going to end anytime soon, and continued up I81 at a drastically reduced speed, which meant a normally 4 hour drive became nearly 6. At least I got home safely this time as opposed to last time I hit crappy weather while driving.

I'm halfway through Cherie Priest's Bloodshot and I can barely put it down! I read China Mieville's Un Lun Dun and it's good enough that I may get around to reading more Mieville. I own 2 books, but never read them. got them from other ppl.

Now I'm watching The Oscars and snarking with the crew on Efnet and having fun.

It's that time again

It's TECH WEEK [dun dun DUN!]

I'm working running crew on "The Wedding Singer" which is a musical based on the movie "The Wedding Singer." It's kinda cute and rather silly, and more than a few anachronisms. But everybody is giving it their all which makes all the difference.

So I'm not going to be paying as much attention to The Internet until next week. Although from reading my LJ, how can you tell, really?

Well, I thought of all of you who read my LJ and I decided to share my dream with you that I had last night. I think I had a lucid dream for the first time in a long time. I remember I was at a SF con somewhere that was in a place that was both a hotel and a barn and I was able to run around the place by touching lightly on the backs of chairs and counters and stuff, Crouching Tiger style. And I remember saying to someone, “Hey, check this out, when I’m dreaming and I try to crawl through the roof, I never get through to the sky. And I demonstrated it by levitating to the ceiling, digging through the ceiling, through the roof, and found another roof on the other side. I remember saying “See, here’s another roof, and a table, and another table, and a tin roof, and another roof, and a slate roof, etc.” Everyone seemed very impressed by this.


ABEND for the moment

I can't remember what ABEND stands for, but generally it means Absent From Internet. I'm having intermmittent periods of Internet Outage-ness and the Cable Co doesn't come to look at the box until Thursday. If there's somethign that needs immediate attention, holler at me.

In other news I made a lovely reticule for a Steamy get-together in the National Gallery of Art on Saturday. I'm very well pleased with it. I've got photos also, that I'll post when I have Internet access again.

I finally got a copy of Naked Heat and I'm enjoying it. I also grabbed a DVD of Elizabeth Zimmerman's knitting shows from PBS from the library. cymrullewes, I need to get with you about that knitting calculation you showed me. I need to clarify your integers. I'll try to email you about it if I can. [edited] cymrullewes, I found the page you referenced and I printed that out. I'll be able to work from that. Thanks!

Oh! in Fabulous News, I've been nominated for a Prince William WATCH award for my special effects work on Frankenstein! I'M SO EXCITED! The awards ceremony is in March at the Birchmere. Wish me luck!

Late Christmas Stuff

This story from papersky is exquisitely beautiful.

I'm with Family right now with my Moms and Aunt Jackie. We're having a lot of fun playing with the animals, eating good foods, talking, laughing, doing Fibre Stuffs, and generally having a grand old time. Mom and I are book-swapping. I'm bringing back home of the rest of cmpriest's Clockwork Century books. Mom and I had an excited conversation about Dreadnought and speculation on governmental response to yellow-sap use and its effects. I'm reading the latest Valdemar short story anthology, and i've just lent Mom the entire Vorkosigan saga to read. She says she's partway through the Young Miles omnibus and is really enjoying it.

Momma's still got that metric boatload of paperback books in huge Rubbermaid tubs out on the front porch. I've taken a photo and I'll see if I can convince a hardy Craigslister to come out and pick them up.

Time for leftovers...



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