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more BMG thoughts, & more

To expand on last night's concert: i had so much fun, my face, hands, and throat hurt today. lconover, there were definite differences from "Tubes". For one, they didn't shame latecomers. For another, they had an opening act. His name was Mike Relm, and he made magic with sound and video using a sw33t dj rig. They held it in the Roanoke Coliseum during Hockey season, & our 8th row seats were on the ice itself, with these thick thick cardboard panels for flooring. I was so glad i had brought my fleece jacket, but Lizzi-mom wasn't so lucky, having left her coat out in the car. we weren't allowd to exit & re-enter, so i bought us both teeshirts, & i lent her my gloves. There was so much energy in that room, we both warmed up in short order. They had a txt message contest to win a backstage pass if you texte the word "blue" to some number. I didn't win, but I got a nifty cellphone wallpaper as a consolation prize. I will admit that their songwriting skills leave somethig to be desired, but I was having too much fun to care.

After the concert, I dropped off momma at home, and i headed back downtown for No Shame Theatre which is a poetry slam/original short work theatre/improv that is held in the Mill Mountain Theatre black box stage Fridays at 11pm. all pieces have a 5 min. time limit. anything goes, and usually does. best $5 i spent. had a beer and watched my old pal Simon from my old Iroquois Club poetry slam days improv an episide of the Dating Game as Darth Vader.

In other news, i am writing this on a tablet PC and finding that I can typ just fine by tapping an on-sreen keyboard using a stylus, with remarkaly few errors.




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