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Yea, verily. I am geeked out indeed.

Yes, It's finally happened.

I've gone to Linux.

Note, please, that this is not the result of any sort of epiphany, or "Windoze Must Die" sort of attitude. The SysAdmin In Residence has rendered it his judgement that my machine will not accept further software installations without choking and regurgitating like a cat with a hairball. Up to and including necessary security patches, by the way. So, I agreed to the Evul Plan, and after I off-loaded a hundred gigs of data elsewhere, Gentoo Linux was installed. We shall see if I can adapt myself to the new operating system with a minimum of wails and howls of frustration.

In other news, I am nearly finished with The Night Watch, and am finding it quite different from the movie. Oddly enough, I don't dislike either one of them. It's like the movie was a stylized modern performance art version of the book. I would have finished it tonight, except I left it in the car. As it's 11 degrees outside, I refuse to retrieve it. I am warm, and have no wish to be cold. I'll retrieve it tomorrow on my errands.

I'm partway through my current cross-stitch project. I'm stitching the Starbucks logo on 22 count aida. Very fine stitching. I intend to slide it into one of those "decorate it yourself" travel mugs. I'll post photos when I've got more of it completed. I've never been one for progress photos. The Sysadmin In Residence asked me rather what the point was, and I pointed out to him that it's not unlike replicating the Death Star in Legos. This seemed to make sense.

We've done quite a bit of reorganizing around here. We've tossed out the ancient Piece of Shit Ikea chest of drawers (by which I mean, the one made of quite thin paperboard and has been on the verge of falling apart for ages) and replaced it with a large metal rack 48" wide by 72" tall containing large deep plastic bins. Oddly enough, even though the rack completely fills that space floor to ceiling, that area seems quite a bit roomier. It also helps that the Perpetual Pile of Clothes that lived in that corner of the floor has been relocated to said plastic bins. There's a rack in another corner of the room for myself, I just need to get more plastic bins for it. and finish the Endless Pile Of Laundry that has haunted me for the last several months. God 'elp me.


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Feb. 17th, 2007 03:17 pm (UTC)
Do you usually dislike the book and like the movie or like the book and dislike the movie, rather than liking or disliking both?
Feb. 18th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
Re: Curious
Most of the time, I've read the book first, and if the movie come very close to the book, I usually like both. More often than not though, Hollywood simply can't resist fucking around with it. So the fangirl in the back of my head starts shouting "HOW DARE THEY CHANGE THAT!!! THAT WAS INTEGRAL TO THE STORY!! DAMMIT!!" Or, in some cases the movie's simply not as "good enough" as the movie that was running in my mind as I read the book. One example of this was the BBC miniseries they did of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. There were a few bits that didn't match my mind's ideas of how things should be. Fortunately those bits were fairly few and far between. An example of the reverse is Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep and "Blade Runner." "Blade Runner" is one of my favourite movies, and I simply can't stand DADOES.

The Night Watch and "Night Watch" were very very different, and I find it unusual that I like both of them. I think that I like them both because the movie wasn't different in a Hollywood sort of way, if you can understand what I mean. The changes weren't made to make the plot easier for people to understand. If anything, the movie was even harder to understand. I had to watch it twice to get most of it. It was challenging, and I do love a challenge.
Feb. 17th, 2007 11:50 pm (UTC)
What I've noticed is that with Gnome or KDE there really isn't that much of a learning curve for the new operating system. There are GUIs that make it easy to play with the guts of the system.
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