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Fright night!

Very quiet this week. Carved a pumpkin for wcg and pagawne on Sunday. Wanted to come back on Thu so pagawne wouldn't have to keep getting up to give out the candy. unfortunately was working til 7 that evening. Nearly hit some teenagers on way into my apt complex. good thing i had just flipped my brights on, knowing it was Halloween. noticed that every single one of 'em was wearing black. "Gee, ya wanna get hit by a car, chuckies?"

had Pizza and Chicken Strips for dinner while we watched "The Mummy Returns." J and i invented a "Mummy Returns Drinking Game." not that we were drinking, but it was fun to holler out "Take a drink!" every 10 seconds.
The Mummy Returns Drinking Game

Every time...
Someone makes a reference to the previous movie "Honey? Whatcha doin? These guys don't use doors." - take a drink
Someone is resurrected or re-incarnated - take two drinks
Someone makes a comment or performs an action expressing incredible foreboding, "Zis place...is *cursed*." - take two drinks (I found myself singing "Don't Go In The Basement!" just before the Bad Guys encountered the little forest dudes in the forest at Ahm Shere)
Someone talks about destiny, a prophecy, or a chosen one, yaknow, mystical shit - take a drink
Rick and Evy make out - take a drink
Evy has a vision - take a drink
Jonathon whines or screams - take a drink
Izzy talks about getting shot, or his arse, or both - take a drink
Alex pisses off the bad guys, "No ice?!" - take a drink <-- this can occur as many as 4 times in a row. take small sips
Rick, Evy, or Ardeth does something way fucking cool with a weapon - take a drink
The Spear of Osiris changes hands, "Ok, from Jon and Alex to Im-hotep to Rick....he shoots...HE SCORES!!!" - take a drink
And finally...when the big North African thug tosses off a reference to a Grimms Fairy Tale from the freakin' Netherlands - just chug the goddamned pitcher.



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