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Okay. I'm back from the Beach

I'm back from the beach.

And I've got sunburn in interesting places.

You might say, "Lizzi, have you never heard of this wonderful thing called Sunscreen? It's fabulous stuff. You simply must try it. It comes in liquid spray now, so you need not bother with the goopy white stuff." And I shall reply, "Yes of course I've heard of it. Me with my pale white skin simply couldn't survive a summer without it. But I failed to remember one important detail.

"I assumed that I wouldn't need it on my legs."

And I spent the better part of an hour out on the sand taking advantage of that wonderful shoreline wind to fly my lovely kite, with nifty new spinner I had just purchased from The Kite Loft next door.

And I got sunburnt on the backs of my knees.

Oh well. We did all the things there are to do in Ocean City, MD. We entertained ourselves watching the scantily-clad local wildlife, and ate boardwalk food, and I re-discovered just how powerful Long Beach Iced Teas are (ie: roaring drunk on 1.75 of same.) And we supported Local Art! There's a nifty place called The Ocean Gallery that sells posters, prints, and original works. It's like your mad grandmother's attic: claustrophobic aisles completely surrounded by framed art leaning againsts walls, hanging on the aisle walls, and hanging from the ceiling. The place rather reminds me of the Jolly Roger Haggle Shop back in Staunton (for those who remember it.) And we bought a print of the O.C. Boardwalk by Paul De Remigis Jr, and noted down a few names for further purchase, like Steve Hanks.

Admittedly, I think J and I have both become a little bored with Ocean City. The next time we go, it won't be for anywhere near like 5 days. There really isn't all that much to *do* for 5 days there, especially when the ocean still feels ice cold. Oh well. We did go swim in the ocean however, if only for 10 minutes or so. This was Tuesday when the temperature reached the nineties and the humidity 80 percent. Pantingly hot weather. So we dipped in the ice cold ocean, and then swam in the heated indoor pool.


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Jun. 16th, 2005 06:30 am (UTC)
Welcome home.
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