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It's bloody well exhilarating to go out and spend a whacking great big chunk of money on yourself.

We got me an IRiver today.


This puppy is *sweet*.

I plugged it in and BING! the computer recognized it as a USB Mass Storage Device right off the bat. All i've got to do to load it is to drag and drop, baybee.

Now, we tried out another MP3 player for me yesterday. The Creative Labs Nomad Zen Xtra. It sucked ass. Very frustrating. You had to load a driver to get the computer to recognize it, and in order to do anything with it, you had to install a bloody-idiotic manager program that also sucked ass. A substitute program that many folk state worked much better, didn't. Well, I tell a lie. it worked a *little* better. but not nearly so well as to make it tolerable. Josh and I wasted three hours last night trying to get it to work. We gave up, and I took my Nex II with me to the Nat'l Gallery of Art. Josh took the Zen Xtra back to Beast Buy to exchange it.

So, on Friday night, I announced to Josh that I wanted a new MP3 player to take with me to DC this weekend to spend a day at the Nat'l Gallery of Art. Something way better than the Nex II. He was taken aback because, when he suggests a new toy for me I usually say "I don't really need one of those. I've got something that's just as good." or "But i'm not really going to use it, sweetie." This was my response when he suggested a fancy-dancy new PDA just like what he's got. But my old IBM Workpad C3 works perfectly fine. I'll get another PDA when this one dies.

So, for the most part, Josh gets the new toys. But I realised that I really wanted a whacking great big MP3 player. I mean, the Nex II is passable, but I'm tired having to decide my playlist ahead of time. I can't put the Nex II on shuffle because there's a glitch in it that causes it to freeze on the last track, so I have to yank the batteries and put them back in to get it back on track.

So now, I've got something that I can load full up with music, slam it on shuffle, and have a continually shifting soundtrack to my life. BLISS!!!


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Jul. 25th, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
Isn't technology grand?

I've had fun with audiobooks and mp3s recently - there's something incredibly nifty about being able to store an entire novel on a single disc for playing in the car. It makes commuting feel less like wasted time, somehow.

Enjoy your new geektoy!
Jul. 26th, 2004 01:15 am (UTC)
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