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It works! It works!

Yes, Virginia, a shower curtain tension rod will serve *admirably* to hold thick black curtains in a space wherein you are not permitted to install curtain hanging hardware.

However, i must adjust the curtains. IKEA sells the darn things in nine foot lengths. Don't ask me why. I mean, with space at a premium in Sweden, i somehow doubt the apartments are large enough to encompass nine foot tall windows, but i digress. They do include a No Sew Hemming system consisting of a strip of double sided sizing requiring application of heat, to whit: your everyday steam iron.

Ours has been missing since September when we moved. I think i'm thankful somehow that the only two things we lost in that move were the steam iron, and the crucial bit to the electric can opener.

And, as my beloved husband is currently on a midnight maintenance window at work, he would doubtless appreciate sleeping in a very dark room come morn.

Thank god my local Wally-World is open 24/7. Yes, Virginia, I made a midnight trip to Wal-Mart to buy a cheapie steam iron. I will have those curtains installed before my beloved husband comes home from work. Doubtless, the purchase of a steam iron will cause the reappearance of our previously steam iron. So be it. I will keep the receipt and return the new one for some bullshit reason.

I am currently waiting for said iron to heat up. (two minutes to come up to temperature my foot)


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Apr. 3rd, 2004 09:49 pm (UTC)
That is Great!!! Blackout curtains are the greatest thing in the world. They are good for keeping rooms cooler, they keep rooms dark for migrains, and for people trying to sleep during the day.
Blackout curtains and ice packs have kept me from trying to rip off my head with more than one migrain. I keep trying to explain that I'll put it back on when it stops hurting, until then it can stay in the freezer.
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