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I was stuck on that horrifying gridlock traffic on Prince William Parkway just before Hoadly. Got on the road about 4pm, and if I had actually been paying *attention* to WTOP I would have gone on and gotten on the 234 Bypass instead. So I got stuck, and not only that, in a misguided attempt at conserving gas, I turned off my engine...and my battery died. So I'm right in traffic and I call Road Assistance, and they tried to get to me to jump my battery, and it turns out police closed the Parkway and turned them away. So I sat there. I asked assorted ppl if they had jumper cables and none to be had. Fortunately I had extra clothes in the car to keep me warm while I tried to figure stuff out.

Some guy in a Falcon truck screamed at me about being stopped right in traffic. I hollered back that I had a dead battery and could he help me out. He didn't say anything. He just decided it was better for him to scream at me than to actually *do* something about the problem.

My cell phone battery started to die, too. Thank god for that guy in the truck who let me hang out in his truck to get warm and charge my cell phone a bit. Thank you, man!

Then, I got a text from a friend asking if that was my car she passed on the way down the Parkway. turns out her car was broken down too, and she had hitched a ride with someone. She said if I could hitch a ride with somebody else and get to Ridgefield, she could pick me up and let me crash at her place. So that's what I did. Somebody helped me get my car out of the driving lane and as close to the median as I could w/o actually going into the ditch. and I just left it there with my name and phone number stuck to the windshield. I found a nice african girl to hitch a ride with, and bought her $5 of gas in gratitude at the 7-11 at Hoadly. thank god for bathrooms.

I got to my friend's house and I texted everybody who needed to know: Chris, Molly, Momma and let them know I was warm, safe, and fed. Thursday morning, we got back out to the Parkway to get our respective cars to find out they had been towed. The towing company called me to let me know where I could pay the tow fee and pick my car up. They were nice enough to jump me at no extra charge and I got home and texted everybody again. Once I washed up and changed clothes and ate something I went into work.

And now I'm home and everything is right with the world!

Thank you strangers for helping a girl out. Thank you, Katherine and your Mum & Dad. You were total Lifesavers! Thank you Nationwide people for being sympathetic in the face of being totally useless! Thank you Rodgers Towing Service for being so sweet about the battery jump! Thank you boss for pizza at work!

Life lessons learned: Put the damn jumper cables in the car! Extra sweats in the car <-YES!! Consider sleeping bag also. If I needed to, I maybe could have survived a night in the cold with a good sleeping bag. Thank god I didn't need to.


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Jan. 29th, 2011 01:06 am (UTC)
They also make this thing that goes from what used to be the cig lighter to the other car's cig lighter and will jump the car.
Glad you're safe and warm.
Jan. 29th, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
Wow. I'm glad I stayed here. At least it had a good finish! (I have a wind-up cell phone charger in the van, just in case.)
Jan. 29th, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
Oy! Glad you're safe.
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