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Close to a knitting finish!

I'm currently knitting like a mad fucker. I'm *this* close to finishing Baktus.

Knit faster! Faster! [whipcrack!]

Next project will either be a special Calorimetry, or i'll start Citron with that cashmere/silk blend I'm in love with. cymrullewes, the pattern for Citron says "At end of 6th row, do not turn work. Rotate piece 90 degrees clockwise; pick up and k 3 sts (1 st in each garter st ridge) along adjacent edge of piece.
Rotate piece again, 90 degrees clockwise; pick up and k 3 sts (1 st in each CO st) along CO edge. 9 sts."
. When I look at that I envision using a DPN and sliding one end down and bringing up three stitches from down one side back on the needle, and then sliding it back down to the other end of the DPN and bringing up three stitches from the other side. Am I looking at that right?



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Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)
OK. This is a LOT like the "wings" on the In the Pink stole/shawl that I'm >< to finishing (another 6 repeats of the edging lace and DONE!)

You have a square of knitting and you have live stitches on one end and you need to pick up stitches on two sides. So as you go on, you're increasing only on those three sides.

You can do it with a single DPN but it's going to be really stretched and you're going to think you're doing it wrong until you've done about 4" and suddenly realize that is indeed right. I used 3 DPNs for the first few rows until it was enough stitches/length then I switched over to a straight. Citron can be knit on straights or a circular. It's what you're comfortable with as it grows larger. I'm guessing the pattern specifies the circular because it was easier for her at the start.
Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Ok, this helps. it looks like the center of Citron is four stitches to start and then increasing from there. I'll start on a single DPN and then move to a circular when it gets big enough. I'm going to knit a swatch and see whether I need size 1 or size 2.
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