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Doo de doo, doo de doo

So i get to work, and they surprise me with "Ok, sarah, we count you down and give your money to the new head teller and you go home today!" They do pay me until the end of the week, however. apparently that's the way they do it in banking: they don't want someone who's quitting to hang around too long, as they won't keep their mind on their job, and they do a surprise audit so someone who's shady doesn't get a chance to hide their misbehaviour. So, i do my exit interview, and get the chance to finish up the last of my projects, and i clean out my desk and turn over all my work notes to my successor, clean out my safe deposit box, and walk out the door. Real nice folk. they gave me a real nice card signed by everyone, and a $25 Borders gift card. I'm gonna miss 'em. I really am.

And now i'm pumped. i've got the rest of the week to pack, without having to do it in the evenings when i'm tired from work, and i can take care of all that piddly shit that josh really doesn't have the chance to do because he's elsewhere.

After i left work, i found a church to take that box of food i cleaned out my cabinets. I dropped off a package at a UPS drop-off point (old universal power whatserjigger battery. my old one died). Treated myself to a wonderful lunch at Red Lobster, and came home to make a shitpot of phone calls. I've cancelled and set up phone service, canceled power, i've printed off Change of Address forms for the Post Awful. interesting note: if you use their online service and print out a Change of Address form, you don't need the signature of the person you're changing the address for. merely the signature of the person preparing the form. this is very fortunate, because i didn't think about this today, and caged_admin is unavailable for a signature at the moment. So i turn them in in the morning, and i'll find out then if there's a problem. memo to self: bring along marriage cert as proof i can do that sort of thing for him?

I've also been dancing with Comcast about our cable and internet service. When we found out that it was Comcast who also served Manassas, VA, we were overjoyed because we expected to be able to simply transfer service and have done with it. Oh, nonononononono. Apparently Comcast MD and Comcast VA are two separate entities that have not yet integrated. this means we can't simply take our Bl/\ck b0x with us. we have to cancel our service up here and turn in our bl/\ck b0x, and set up new service down there, and pick up a new bl/\ck b0x. how annoying. Josh particularly does not want to have a technician come in, plug in a modem, which we can do perfectly well by ourselves, have us sign a paper, and charge us $100 for this privilege. I'm waiting on a call back at the moment.


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Sep. 8th, 2003 08:58 pm (UTC)
Would they even know if it wasn't caged_admin's signature? dandelion_diva occasionally endorses checks for me. It's not like any sort of fraud is being committed :)
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