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Now here's a question...

If one has heard reports of roaches at an apartment complex, is it better to have a first floor, or a third floor apartment? anyone know the answer?


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Aug. 30th, 2003 04:53 pm (UTC)
Neither.. If they have bugs, everyone will have them. If you are stuck with it, I suggest going to the petstore and getting some stuff called Zodiac and spraying it everywhere before you move in. This stuff takes care of fleas, their larvae, and thier eggs. It will keep the roach and other bug population down in your apartment.

Also, never take your shoes off :/
Aug. 30th, 2003 06:30 pm (UTC)
The problem with roaches is they are everywhere - if one apartment sprays, they move to another until it is safe to come back. Pouring bleach down all of your drains will help. Keep it as dry as possible in the apartment. The third floor is better in that it is farther from the ground, however, it is also warmer, which roaches prefer. Overall I think the third floor is better because I remember that roaches were always the worst in the basement.
Aug. 31st, 2003 05:56 am (UTC)
As another poster mentioned, the roaches will travel from one apartment to another to stay safe. The only *real* improvement I have ever seen in a roachy apartment is when the management went to a full-scale pesticide bombing run... making sure that all apartments in a given building were sprayed in the same day, and hopefully within an hour of each other. The only other option is to spray your own poisons, and keep spotless. This is unrewarding (I understand, I'm neither spotless nor fond of poisons...) because you still see tourist/scout roaches.

That said, I preferred upper level apartments for all kinds of other reasons: 1) Flooding. Our basement apartment flooded when the air conditioning system drain plugged, when the upstairs neighbors had plumbing problems, during heavy rains, and seemingly in high humidity. 2) Ants. Ants are more likely to find what they need before they get to an upper floor apartment. 3) Noisy neighbors. You can BE the noisy neighbor if you're on the top floor! 4) Light. The basement apartment was darker than I liked.

The basement apartment was easier to cool, and quieter in terms of street noise. A ground-floor apartment would have neither of these advantages (but probably wouldn't flood).
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