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Yay for Federal Holidays!

Also, yey for bankers hours! Getting a day off in the middle of the week feels like a gift, and I usually use days like this to Get Stuff Done. I got about half of my list done. I went to my storage unit and pulled out some more boxes, including the box containing Grandma's recipes. Pops wants me to dig through it and see if I can find her chow-chow recipe. I asked him if he really thinks she used a recipe to make her chow chow. I mean, the woman had been cooking for 60 years, and there were many recipes she made from memory. I know this because when I asked her for recipes for her pancakes, she actually had to sit down and *think* about it so she could write everything down.

The storage unit is down to about 4 v. large boxes, a microwave, and an old AIWA stereo. I think two more trips will completely empty it out and then I can cancel the service. Which is a Good Thing, because I signed up for a year's contract with Massage Envy at $60/month. I got a half-off coupon for them in a Val-Pak mailer, so I stopped by Monday night. It was luciously good to get a swedish massage from a handsome bald guy. The guy said "I want you to come back so we can work on your lumbar, your glutes, and your pecs." so I took a look at their package offer, and it's a really good deal for this area. I also think it'll also do me some good with my touch starvation.

I bought a monitor cable that I needed for the flatscreen monitor I got from my brother. And I bought some bits and bobs from IKEA that I needed along with a footstool and a new Dave table so I can eat on the sofa. , HOWEVER I completely forgot about the damn screws I had gone in there to get In The First Place. oh well. I'll keep the parts list in my bag and head there after work tomorrow.



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Nov. 12th, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC)
While I knew it was a holiday and still stopped at the mailbox!
Nov. 13th, 2009 12:26 am (UTC)
I have an AIWA Stereo! Still works but the needle needs weights sometimes.
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