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Still in VaCayLand

I first wanted to start off this post as a public Thank You to the unnamed person who bought me a year of Livejournal. I still haven't figured you out, but you did me a mitzvah. You have my thanks.

It's been a wonderful week! I've had much lovingkittytime. awmiller's cat Bones has discovered my Cat-fu and finds it much to his liking. He has sought my lap several times. Q, The Brainless One and Eloise, The Matriarch also hunt me up for snuggles. AS I speak, Q and Eloise are snuggled up against me on the couch.

I got the chance to meet mcmiller's mom twice now, and I like her very much. definitely someone I can get close to. I've got her phone number and will take her up on her offer of a telephone friend.

Yesterday, mcmiller took me to Jungle Jim's International Market. It was Amazing and Fantastic. It's six acres of wacky grocery store with a (nonworking) monorail, The World's Biggest Cheese, and numerous animatronic devices inviting you to buy. One of the animatronics is a gigantic Campbell's Soup Can swinging from the roof. It's wine and liquor shop is the size of my credit union. It has selections from all over the world, plus an enormous cheese shop. The place is *wierd*. We had to use the bathrooms and mcmiller presented me with a choice of two Port-a-potties. I looked at them askance thinking, "Uh, I only need to wash my hands..." and she opened door to show a proper bathroom. I was tickled to death. I managed to escape with only a few purchases: a jar of Devon Double Cream, some lemon curd, grapefruit gummie bears, italian vanilla candies and a Vosges chocolate bar.

Last night, we ate at Myra's Dionysus which is a vegetarian greek restaurant with many soups and yummy things. I had borscht and mulligatawny for the first time. both were Deelicious. Their hummous is to die for. I told Molly that she can *always* take me there.

More later!



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Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
Sounds awesome. Missing you on #callahans - now that I have not only seen Season One of True Blood but all that is out of Season Two so far. LOL My fave is actually Sam, the shape shifter. I dunno about that MaryAnne who phazes in and out!
Jul. 4th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)
Maryann's such a bitch, isn't she? I know a lot more about her from the books, but I won't discuss spoilers. I will say that the series does a good job of making you suspicious of her, and rightly so.
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