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May. 17th, 2003

'm s'eepy. I'll write about the wedding and honeymoon tomorrow. too tired.

today i went to my brother and sis-in-law's place in PA. Jen graduated Vet school today and they threw a party. i didn't remember about the graduation until about 10:30pm last night when we were down at In-laws. "oh shit! i forgot!" so i busted outta here early this morning for the 90min drive up there.

I didn't have the address for the college beyond Chester, PA, so i Mapquested my brother's address, figuring i'd get there in plenty enough time to carpool down with them. When i passed Chester, PA about 30 miles south of mike's place, i mused on my poor planning. so i got to mike's, and no-one was there, which didn't surprise me at all. i run down a public phone, call his cell and say 'Hey, mike? i can't make it to the graduation because i'm at your house. i'll just wait for y'all here."

so i check the oil in my car, buy some oil and added it because it needed it. bought a couple of things at the groc store, like mild guacamole seasoning, because i can only get the spicy kind at my local Giant. had a couple of slices of pizza because i was hungry, and napped for 2 hours in my car in front of mike's house. Turns out i didn't miss all that much. graduation was long and boring, so i was better off getting a nap. i helped them set up for the party, everyone stuffs their faces until they swell like balloons, and a good time is had by all.

I gotta say, though, i do not see how Mike and Jen can live in that house with her mother without going fweaking *insane*. every single square inch of surface in that house is covered with country kitsch: furniture in every single corner, large stuff, too: too big for the living room. Every surface is covered in knicknacks, gewgaws, and tchotchkes, every wall is covered by umpteen kajillion tiny kitschy pictures. there is absolutely no blank space upon which you can lay your eyes to allow your mind to rest. and on top of this is 8(i think) cats, an additional 5 that jen is catsitting for her brother, 3 fishtanks scattered throughout the house, 5 rabbits in 2 hutches (in the dining room), a large iguana (also in the dining room), and in their bedroom are 6 hamsters divided into 3 cages, and one evil bird. this bird scares me. i mean, truly frightens me. she glared out at us, shrieking in mad hatred, absolute fury trembling from every single feather on her body. this is a bird who will go for your eyes if given even half a chance. likes Jen, for some reason (thank gods she likes *somebody*). the house doesn't smell nasty at all. Jen's efficiently keeps on top of the animal care and maintenence, and all you can smell is the slightly musty smell that says "animal" to the nose.



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