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Wedding update and other tales

Ok, i just got word from Future-Mum-In-Law that there's some room left at a particular hotel. I'll quote from the email she sent me:

> And finally (in the spirit of keeping everyone up to date), I made
> reservations for the Ramada Inn - River's Edge. If any of your
> out-of-town guests need rooms, they still had some available -however,
> only through the toll-free number. When I tried to reserve them over
> the Internet, I got a message saying the hotel was booked solid for
> Saturday night.

That's Ramada Inn - River's Edge at 1927 Franklin Road, Roanoke, VA 24014. Reservations: 1-800-2-Ramada 

On to other things:

Went to Roanoke this past weekend and got us all legal to get hitched. Got to the City Clerks ofc in the courthouse to get the marriage licence, only to find they accepted cash only. this was a big surprise, considering the last time i was in the courthouse, it was for a traffic violation and they had no trouble accepting visa debit card for my fines.
Here's the funny thing, tho: after we had paid the $30 fee, they handed us the documents, and flyers on family planning, and disease control, they also handed us a bag labeled "Newlywed Kit." on the bag it reads, "Distributed by First Moments. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. The valuable coupons, samples and literature contained in this package have been carefully selected to give you both a great start." [chuckle]I had josh in stitches this morning with my look of cheery vapidity, extolling the virtues of the contents of the Newlywed kit. [cheeriness & irony=ON] Ok, so what do we have in this bag? Here is a sample each of Tide laundry detergent and Downy fabric detergent. Presumably so that little wifey will be able to keep hubbie's clothes clean. What else? Ah! a sample of Softsoap aromatherapy body wash and Secret anti-perspirant. Presumably so that little wifey will always smell nice for hubbie. Oh! an here are samples of Excedrin Quicktabs, so that little wifey will never have to say "Dear, not tonight. I've a headache." and, finally, a sample of Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets so little wifey doesn't get an upset stomach when she swallows! [cheeriness & irony=OFF] I'm certain that none of this was deliberate, but i can't help but wonder if anyone at the First Moments company really *thought* about how this kit might come off.

and finally:
we saw this really cute film this evening called Wasabi. it's this french film directed by Luc Besson and starring Jean Reno as a tough french cop who goes to japan to find he the woman who walked out on him is dead, leaving him with a daughter he never knew he had. it's very amusing watching this tough french guy dealing with a very very "KAWAII!!!" japanese girl. [snicker] and you haven't lived until you've seen The Professional playing Dance Dance Revolution. highly recommended!


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Apr. 23rd, 2003 06:36 am (UTC)

I didn't get any headache medicine or pepto-bismol in mine, though. Maybe they figure Texas women can take it?

Or maybe they think the men in Texas don't care.

Did you get the helpful, relationship building workbook entitled "Now that you're married" with the sepia-tone photos of wedding paraphenalia in it? It asks such helpful questions as "How do you think your husband/wife feels about kids?" with spaces for both answers. It also explained (in Texas) the property laws... just in case things don't work out.
Apr. 23rd, 2003 02:50 pm (UTC)
interestingly enough, no. there was no pamphlet on relationships, just pamphlets recommending sufficient folic acid to prevent birth defects, and a pamphlet discussing assorted forms of birth control. [g] i guess VA assumes that y'all can take care of yer own relationship [G]
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